The last, first-practice for South Dakota high-school seniors....

By Rich Winter

Woke up this morning and one of the first things I saw was Allan Bertram with a post wishing his daughter Ashtyn good luck this upcoming season. The first phone call I made landed me ear-to-ear with Okreek’s Heather Frederick who reminded me that Today is ‘The Last first-day-of-practice’ for her daughter, Lacee Halligan at Todd County.

Wow, the season is upon us….

During this first-summer of basketball with Sacred Hoops we became familiar with a LOT of kids across South Dakota. But, the work Dan Jewett put in with the East-River 17-U squad and the work Amanda Carlow put in with the All-Native 17-U squad reminds us that for senior girls across South Dakota, this is it, the last first day of high-school practice.

Sacred Hoops Director of All-Native girls summer teams offered some words to those seniors.


“The old saying of leave it all on the court really hits home. What other chance will you have to finish HS Basketball? Now is the time to make sure you are putting in the effort in practice. Be vocal. Work hard. Be a leader. Be encouraging. Seniors have every underclassmen watching them. Do they show up? Do they cut corners?”

Are you making it to every class? Are your grades where they need to be? Go hard every drill, every station. Run hard. Get your shots up. Sit low. All of it! Do your homework! Take care of yourself. Eat healthy! It makes a difference! And for those don’t have to be the oldest to be a leader. Work hard. Push each other. Strive to make yourself and your teammates better! More than anything good luck to all the student athletes. I always tel my kids in anything they hard and HAVE FUN - Amanda Carlow November 26, 2018.

Since the Sacred Hoops endeavor was launched we have worked with thousands of kids. With the season upon us we can’t tell you how excited we are to follow the kids we worked with as they go into battle. In the last eight months, Sacred Hoops has visited 68 high-schools across South Dakota….And they all get going this week….

Go hard, leave it all on the court and we are proud of you.

Sixty-Eight schools….