Red Cloud's Riyen Carlow - I am motivated to excel but also to be an example for underclassmen to follow.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nakina Mills and I am writing this recommendation for Riyen Carlow. He is currently a junior at Red Cloud High School and is a very determined and independent young Lakota man. He is currently ranked 6 of his sophomore class of 33 and a GPA of 3.9 and I have no doubt that he will be just as determined and motivated at any summer program that he chooses to attend.

I have known Riyen for 10 years and he has continuously worked hard to maintain his grades, plus being involved and a leader in the school activities such as football and basketball. Riyen is also a student that is very engaged within and outside the school and in his community. He has also been one of the student leaders in the school in that anytime administration need a student opinion on things he isn't afraid to share his input to help better the students and the school. I have no doubt that he would be very instrumental in any program that he is accepted to.

Carlow’s application letter for for the Sacred Hoops Athlete of Character

My name is Riyen Carlow and I was nominated for the Sacred Hoops Athlete of Character Award

I believe that in my years as a Red Cloud student athlete I've been able to positively impact my peers and my community. As a young boy I grew up seeing other athletes impact the youth and be role models. In these last few years I have realized how much a positive role model can influence a child's life.

I've had the opportunity to work with youth as a peer mentor in camps ranging from basketball to football to soccer. Along with sports; this past summer I helped in the school's green house and at the Immersion School's garden. I've also been blessed to work with the youth in Lakota Language and it not only has been something for the youth, but it has inspired me to do my part in learning my language. Just recently I was able to help at the Immersion School's Buffalo Harvest. Spending time with the immersion students is always a blessing.

I havehave a 3.946 Cumulative GPA. I am ranked 6th in my class. I believe in being a leader on the floor and in the classroom. I am motivated to excel but also to be an example for underclassmen to follow.

In my years of working as a peer mentor in various capacities I believe it has guided me as much as I have guided the youth. I enjoy working with the youth as it has also helped shape me and my interests in my college major. I am looking to attend college to major in Counseling and minoring in Finance. More than anything I think my character on the court and off the court is a reflection of who I am as an athlete and an individual.

I want to thank my coach for nominating me and Sacred Hoops for starting something amazing for our local athletes.


Riyen Carlow