White River's Jadice Morrison - An athlete of character that shines brightly for the Norris Eagles

By Rich Winter

If you drive through the small community of Norris, don’t blink she’s a tiny little burg in south-central South Dakota. That said, the passion of basketball this small community exudes has been ever-present for the last decade on coach Eldon Marshall’s squad.

One outdoor court with only the remnants of a net still alive. But, some of the greatest basketball battles have taken place on this court as the Morrison’s regularly go at it.

If Jadice Morrison is out shooting around or working on his game, it is not uncommon for parents to bring their children up for a private tutoring session…Every time, Jadice Morrison does so because someone has to and he’s proud to do it.

“I think I bring a light to the darkness because it is not easy growing up where I do and I’ve understood that since a young age and I think Norris has helped shape me into the person I am today,” Morrison said.

Letter of recommendation for Morrison from Casey Krogman

Dear Sacred Hoops Board,

I have known Jadice Morrison for many years, but most recently have gotten to know him as a student. He was a freshman when I started as the counselor here in White River and it has been a joy watching him grow into the young man he is now. Jadice is a true athlete. He has God given talent, but it is his humility that stands out to me. He is respectful to his coaches, teachers and classmates on and off the court. He has been chosen by his peers to be team captain in basketball for the past 3 years for the positive attributes he brings to his team.


Our journey through life often determines our character and Jadice has one of adversity. Despite the hardships Jadice has gone through he still holds his head high and steps into the leader role his classmates and team mates need him to be. To me, this proves he has the determination and heart to be successful in any situation. Defeat is not an option for him!

Jadice's heart may be with basketball but he puts the necessary work into his studies. He has over a 3.0 GPA and is never on the missing assignments list. He has goals of becoming a physical education teacher and playing ball at the college level. He is taking the steps needed to reach this goal and I have no doubt he will reach it!

Jadice has also been involved in football, cross country, TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use), Student Council and has donated blood to the red cross several times. He has found joy in reading to the elementary students, tutoring, and volunteering at the tree of life. He is a role model for so many, especially those in his community of Norris, SD. You will often find him

opening the gym for the youth in his hometown to give them a place to escape real life.

I can't reveal names, but let me share a personal story I have had regarding how fellow students view Jadice. A student came to me that lives in a less fortunate situation than most. This student was upset and has gone through bouts of depression. I asked the student, "what can you do in the community that will be a positive." The student said call Jadice and hang out on the courts or go to the gym. This speaks volumes of how other students feel around Jadice, he is a positive for this student and many others.

I highly recommend Jadice for this award. He makes White River High School, his community, and me very proud.


Casey Krogman, WRHS counselor