Jaylen Bear Robe and Caleb White are two LNI juniors worth watching...

By Rich Winter

After dropping their first two Lakota Nation contests, Troy Lunderman’s St. Francis Warriors got their first win of the season today when they pushed past Crazy Horse, 68-53….

Caylen Clairmont led the Warriors with 26 points but it was Mr. Steady, Mr. Rock Solid, Jaylen Bear Robe was his usual self. The crafty lefty with the quick first leap had another monster game with 28 points and 14 rebounds.

In Thursday’s loss to McLaughlin, Bear Robe 7 points and 15 rebounds…..

Bear Robe is so fundamentally sound…probably about 6-foot-2 1/2….but he knows how to operate in the low block….he understands position and oh that left hand causes fits for the opposition.

Did you all see the shooting percentages from the 78-76 Red Cloud win over Tiospa Zina.

Red Cloud: 25-37 - 68 percent

Tiospa Zina: 28-37 - 76 percent

Who says it is hard to shoot on the open floor of the Civic Center?

Ale Rama - 10-14

Riyen Carlow - 8-8

Tiospa Zina’s Caleb White - 7-12, 3-pointers on his way to 34 points

In the first round upset of Crow Creek, White had 23 points….

Today, Tiospa Zina is leading Lower Brule 64-40 with four minutes remaining….White has nine points.

This Tiospa Zina looks dangerous and the rest of Region 1 better be looking out..