White River's Nick Sayler personifies a student/athlete of character

In a continuing series of profiles, White River junior Nick Sayler is our next nominee for the Sacred Hoops Athlete of Character Award. Much like Miaken Adrian, a mere request of letters of recommendation and plenty of folks stepped forward.

Letter of recommendation for Nicholas Sayler: Stacy Twite, 5-12 band and vocal instructor


I have been Nicholas’ teacher for the past 5 years. Nicholas has been a member of my band and choir since the 6th grade. This takes a lot of dedication on his part. In middle school in order to be in choir he had to give up his study hall. Nicholas has really grown as a musician the past few years and especially this year. I have watched him take a very serious role in both band and choir. Before in choir he would sing, but didn’t want to take on the role as leader. This year he is challenging himself and has become a leader in the tenor section. He’s concerned about the notes and how it sounds. In band he has really started to challenge himself as well. He will work on a passage to make sure he has the right notes and rhythms. He has also been a participant in our region band and has shown that he’s very capable.

Letter of recommendation from Gina Adrian:


The words that I would use to describe Nicholas' character are determined, focused, confident, and consistent. These words apply to Nicholas in all aspects of his young life. Nicholas' peers have elected him class officer all three years of high school. Nicholas, both as a sophomore and junior, guided the Wolverine football team as a team captain. He also has taken on leadership role on the basketball court, both as a teammate and starter for the Tigers. Nicholas is seen as a role model for younger students because of his character and determination.

Nicholas is active in the Sacred Heart Catholic faith community in White River.

On why Nick Sayler should receive the Sacred Hoops Athlete of Character Award


When I was a child I looked up to Louie Krogman, and now little kids knowing who I am. It is surreal. I’m extremely humbled by being nominated for this award. I believe I have great character that helps spread positivity. One more thing I’d like to touch on before I conclude, Love. Eldon Marshall, has taught me what that word really means. How strong it is. I love my team, I love my community, I love all the opportunities I’ve been given in my life. I also believe he’s helped me develop great communication skills. I take great pride in myself as being a role-model, not only in a school setting but in my community.