Beresford/AH senior Nick Casperson moves up to take on the CUB Polar Bear

Nick Casperson moves up to take on the Cub Polar Bear....Class A 285 championship has some star-power to it.
Casperson vs. Hutmacher – A Battle is Brewing
Seems like I saw this on the South Dakota wrestling board last week but didn’t think it was really happening. Word had spread that Beresford/Alcester/Hudson senior, and last year’s state champion at 182 lbs. in Class B, Nick Casperson, who had been wrestling at 195 lbs. this year decided he wanted a bigger challenge that just winning against an A field at 195 where he looked to be a lock as state champion. 

So, Casperson moved up to the 285 lb. ranks to potentially run into Chamberlain sophomore, Nash Hutmacher. 

Just looked at the brackets. Nash is seeded No. 1 and 42-0 on the season. He is the defending Class A state champ in the 285 lb. division as a ninth grader (unheard of). Casperson is 34-0 this season and a fantastic wrestler in his own right. 

Gotta be honest, I’m hyped for this match. 

There was some talk last season that if Nash didn’t lose his freshman year, he might never lose a match in high school. (I don’t think I or we ever thought about someone knowingly wanting to move up to face the Cub Polar Bear. 

This one could get interesting….and I’m guessing both guys will be hyped.