David Espinoza – The Definition of Student/Athlete

By Rich Winter

Earlier this week I was visiting with Coach Tonya of the Todd County track team. She kinda mentioned off –hand to me that Todd County senior David Espinoza was out for track and was ‘Looking good’, something about a decently hard 400 in under 60-seconds. 


That has me fired up…The Falcon boys have some serious sprinters/runners on the squad, and, IF, Mother Nature would cooperate we would get to see some results. 


Then this weekend, I see a notice about being accepted to Stanford University!!



“Congratulations! You have been admitted to Stanford’s CLASS of 2022”


“You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus.” 


I don’t know if David is going to Stanford, HOPE SO, but I’m just thrilled that a young man from the Rosebud Reservation put himself in a position to have an option to go to STANFORD!!




Have been following this young guy for awhile now. Seems like I coached him in middle-school track when he was a 7th-grader. One practice we were going out by the shot and disc circle. We’d had recent rain and David immediately pointed out the deer tracks, and noted they were smallish dear. 


I never would have noticed, but a young man connected to his culture pointed it out first thing. 


Kinda watch from afar, kinda through Facebook. But, I know he was on the St. Francis Indian School National Honor Society last season. 

* Won a state title in Lacrosse last season (He can play Lacrosse at Stanford)

* Had a really great football season for the Falcon football team this year. Good tight-end, really came on as a defensive end and handled the kicking. Late in the year I was always amazed that this kid stepped in and looked SOLID playing QB for the Bob Kornely run Falcons. 

* Was named Honorable Mention Big-Dakota basketball team. Had some monster numbers late in the year like 28 points and 15 rebounds in a game. 


And now he’s going out for track! 


What I really like about Espinoza 11 is he’s a competitor and if he can already run 58, 53 isn’t far away. Over the years has made himself into a better/athlete. He’s strong now, great leaper (triple jump) and should be a significant piece of Falcon sprints and relays and field events. 


And, he has the option to go to Stanford!


Just kinda wanted to point out some great work by a local student/athlete….Guessing there were a lot of people, teachers, mentors and family that were significant in giving this young man opportunities….Well done to those teachers and mentors!


The line from Stanford Admissions - You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus.”


Good luck with whatever you do Mr. Espinoza…Well done!