Gregory's Boes UNLEASHED as spring sports FINALLY get going

By Rich Winter

Received an early morning email from John Calhoon saying the baseball games in Winner are on for this afternoon....HOORAY! Holy cow, while in reality a lot of schools in South Dakota may have missed a baseball game or two and most schools have missed a track-meet, somehow with spring sports fans waiting, it FEELS like we are about a month behind. 

So, at 2:00 p.m. Central time, it will be the guys from Winner/Colome taking on Mission. 

Today's schedule at Leahy Bowl

2:00 pm - Winner/Colome vs. Mission.

Winner JV vs. Mission JV

Winner JV vs. Gregory JV

Winner/Colome vs. Gregory varsity

Those games  can be seen here...

At any rate, one of the guys I'm really going to be keeping my eyes on this spring is Gregory senior, Blake Boes. This guy had a heck of a football season for the Gorillas, really complimenting Jayd VanDerWerff as a receiver in the Gorilla AA football machine. 

If memory serves, seems like Boes had a solid baseball campaign last year and will be looked at for leadership this year. Solid pitcher, lanky and can play just about any position in the field...That and anytime W/C plays Gregory...I'm WATCHING!

So, the Gregory early bird meet was postponed from last week. Looking forward to seeing what Boes does in Field and Track this season. State qualifier in the high jump a year ago, believe Boes cleared 6-feet-1 a year ago. Good hurdler is Boes and should help out with some relays and such this year. 

At any rate, if you get a moment today, check out the baseball games today in Winner.