It's a good thing Britton's Dallas Goedert played HOOPS


South Dakota State Tight-End, and former Britton-Hecla basketball player, Dallas Goedert could be selected in the First-Round of Thursday's NFL Draft. 

By Rich Winter

Sometimes it is hard to get noticed when you play prep sports in South Dakota, especially if you come from a small town. That case is true for South Dakota State senior tight-end, Dallas Goedert who hails from the town of Britton (Population 1250), and is considered the top Tight End, and a potential first-round draft pick in Thursday's NFL Draft. 

A pretty interesting story about this soon-to-be NFL player who barely even got to South Dakota State, and only got there with a little help from a Pastor and his skills on the basketball court. 

Alright so in 2012 a fella by the name of Pastor Carl Larson was watching a football game between Milbank and Britton. The game didn't catch his eye, but a tall, 6-foot-5 skinny guy from Britton, Dallas Goedert did. 

So Larson phoned a friend, SDSU coach John Stiegelmeier. 

First impressions had Stiegelmeier thinking that's a big guy but not a dominant football player. 

Stiegelmeier did stop into Britton once, to watch Goedert play basketball. 

Eventually Pastor Larson called the SDSU coach during track season where he'd seen the Britton athlete heave the discus and dominate his competition. 

"I just kept telling Coach Stieg, 'This kid stands out,'" Larson said.

Finally, Stiegelmeier relented. He offered Goedert a chance to walk on, and redshirt, as a tight end.

Well, move ahead five years, after a redshirt year and Goedert has filled out to a solid, 256 pounds with running, catching and blocking skills that have NFL teams chomping at the bit to get him on their roster. 

Here is a video clip of some of Goedert's basketball (dunking) abilities, along with his tight-end play at South Dakota State.