MVP Monday - Mr. Defense selections coming from Omaha tourney


“On offense, it’s possible to take a break, to stand around a bit, let other players take over. On defense, if you take a break, a good offensive team will burn you. On the other hand, when you and your teammates are all doing the job – and you’re all that good – the great reward is watching the other team slowly suffocate.”

By Rich Winter

Well, it is a pretty big day for the Sacred Hoops organization. Eight Sacred Hoops teams from across the state of South Dakota will converge on Omaha to do battle against some of the best teams from the upper-midwest. 

This weekend it is the boys teams from Sacred Hoops taking the court. Throughout the tourney, Sacred Hoop's Jordan Long is going to be keeping tabs on the guys who came to play defense. Those players will be highlighted with a special feature, here on Dakota Sports Blast on Monday. 


Jordan Long on defense - "Sometimes we as basketball fans, players, parents and even coaches get caught up in looking at the box score. 25 points always looks nice, but 25 points isn't always the reason that a basketball team has success. Over the weekend, I'm looking for kids that play hard, play TUFF and really get up into people while playing defense. We've got a couple of elite big-guys going this weekend so I'll be looking for shot-blocking and intimidation in the paint....Charges drawn a plus...On Monday, those student athletes will be featured on Dakota Sports Blast."

Who will be the defensive MVP's?

Timber Lake's Tucker Kraft, Justin Becker (6-foot-8) Kimball/White-Lake, Dylan Pourier Douglas and Ale Rama, Red Cloud will all be in Omaha today....All play great defense and could be in the running for MVP Monday candidates. 

Here is a look at Douglas athlete Dylan Pourier D'ing up

Matt Rama's Black Hills Sacred Hoops squad has some familiar faces. 


Red Cloud girls' coach Matt Rama has Jadice Morrison, Ale Rama, Corey Brown, Dylan Pourier and athletes from Rapid City Central, Hill City, Timber Lake and Hot Springs on the Sacred Hoops Black Hills squad that goes into battle at a tournament in Omaha today.