Wakpala's Rhaecine Sam is running down a dream


Rhaecine Sam

The Wakpala junior is prequalified in the Class B 1600 and 3200 meters for the Sioux track team.

When athletes converge to Lemmon on Thursday for the Region 8B track-meet, Wakpala junior, Rhaecine Sam won't have the pressure some athletes have at Regions. He's already pre-qualified in the 1600 and 3200 meters and will head to the state track meet next week. 

But, the young man who has been holding steady in the 3200 with a best time of 10:26.15 will be looking for more...Faster, quicker, better, Sam has been charging up the Class B ranks with a solid year at Wakpala. 

Sam finished 10th in the Class B cross-country state meet last fall. 

Pretty impressive for a guy that has only three male teammates on the Field and Track roster at Wakpala. Track coaches Melvin Hill and Traci Truax have just four athletes on the track roster, three of them are in middle-school. 

Mikel Flying Bye - 8th grade, Jacob Moran 7th grade and Tristan Parisien 8th-grade. 

Just two girls on the track roster: McKee Meika 7th-grade and Zoe Brown 10th-grade. 

Here are some of the athletes he'll likely run into at the State Meet...

1600m Run - State qualifiers

1.Burkhalter, Daniel 4:32.13Bison

2.Voigt, Aaron 4:36.44Gregory

3.Schroeder, Thaniel4:42.24Freeman Academy/Marion

4.Person, Kray 4:44.28Burke/South Central

5.Sam, Rhaecine 4:45.77 Wakpala

3200m Run - State qualifiers

1.Schroeder, Thaniel 10:02.14, Freeman Academy/Marion

2.Voigt, Aaron 10:10.76Gregory

3.Burkhalter, Daniel 10:13.71Bison

4.Person, Kray 10:14.09Burke/South Central

5.McMasters, Rhett10:18.18Lake Preston

6.Wirth, Michael10:23.84Warner

7.Sam, Rhaecine 10:26.15Wakpala

Sam will run into SDSU signee, Bison's Daniel Burkhalter at the Region 8B meet in Lemmon. 

A real threat to place highly at the state meet!

Top-ranked 3200 meter runner, Thaniel Schroeder of Freeman/Academy/Marion is only a junior...Many of the top-ranked Class B distance athletes are seniors so no matter how he fares at the state track meet, Sam should have a tremendous cross country season this fall. 

This guy is a heck of a guitar player...Have heard him absolutely rip some Whitesnake - Crying in the Rain...Good luck Mr. Sam, go tear it up...