Burke/South-Central Girls golf gearing up for stretch run


By Rich Winter

You can almost feel the energy through Facebook over in Burke as the Burke Royals softball team gets ready to start their summer with practices beginning on Sunday, May 20. 

But, before this softball program begins there are a couple of ladies that have some business to wrap up in Class B golf. 

Alright, so I follow BSC golf coach Billy Jo Indahl on Facebook and I've been seeing some of the golf results pop up on her and Mavis Beckers' pages. 

Girls win by 52 strokes in Tyndall.

Won another meet by 80...

Won the Class B Classic in Mitchell. 

That said, the one that really caught my attention was the BSC girls winning the Parkston meet the other day. 

Let's check out the team scores: BSC 364, PIERRE 368, Parkston 381, Mitchell 402, Winner 417.

So you are telling me that a little bitty Class B school just came and put the screws to some AA schools and Class A schools Parkston and Winner that are very, very good? 


I think what makes it even more impressive is Class B schools usually only count three girls toward the team score. At the Parkston meet, teams counted four players....BSC has just four players on the team. 

Senior Tressa Bull, Junior Emily Stukel, Sophomore Taylee Indahl...and 7th-grader Adisyn Indahl. 

Here are the top-15 individual results from Parkston 

Individual results: 1. Tressa Bull, BSC, 81 (MEDALIST) 2. Ashley Zimmer, M, 83; 3. Taylee Indahl, BSC, 86; 4. Ronae Klein, W, 88; 5. Jayden Bormann, P, 88; 6. Halle Gronlund, P, 88; 7. Taylor Davis, P, 89; 8. Annabelle Simpson, P, 94; 9. Makayla Grissom, M, 95; 10. Adisyn Indahl, BSC, 96; 11. Hanna Jackson, P, 97; 12. Jessa McTighe, P, 97; 13. Dani Norden, P, 98; 14. Jadee Mattheis, P, 98; 15. Callie Weisbeck, MP, 99.

Just a couple more meets for these ladies and their coaches, Billy Jo, Deb and David Indahl.

Friday - Pre Regions - Mitchell

Tuesday, May 22 - Regions in Mitchell

STATE tournament - Good luck...

And then we can all sit back and enjoy some softball....