Sacred Hoops - Timber Lakes Brayden PayPay helping to put the PANTHERS on the Map.


Timber Lake junior Brayden PayPay helped lead Timber Lake to the Class B state tournament. This summer he'll be fine-tuning those skills for a big-time senior season....Courtesy photo

Quick, without googling or looking at a South Dakota map, close your eyes and envision where Timber Lake is. If you had to think about it, you are not alone...When coach Cody Lawrence and the Timber Lake Panthers defeated Selby in the Round-of-16, it was a big deal and PayPay says the teams fans, the backbone of the community relished the moment. 

"It was a big deal for the community because we (Timber Lake) barely get noticed for sports," PayPay said. "The community was very proud of us and they always encourage us to get better and be able to do things for our community." 

Sacred Hoops - Getting to Know Brayden PayPay


Parents: Rhonda and Harold PayPay

Siblings: Chase PayPay, Cray PayPay, Weston Wood, kolt Tiger, Kaden Tiger, Cesi Allen, and Brayzin PayPay

Sports participating in: Basketball and football

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite NFL team: Denver Broncos

Favorite NBA team: Golden State Warriors

Summer basketball GOALS:  Keep working on basketball and working hard to get to dunk, and also have a summer job.

Person PayPay most looks up to: My dad and my brother Kaden, because they are always there for me and they help me work hard during basketball!

If you take a minute to look at the Timber Lake roster from the 2018 season you will notice there were no seniors on the squad....UH-OH!!

PayPay's thoughts on going to STATE: "I was very proud of our team we did it together and we worked hard to get where we wanted to be," he said. "We are a young team we have been playing together since middle school! But it was unreal to get to state! We had some good games at state! I had fun! There were good teams and also good players!