The Warrior WAY - Bennett County YOUNG-GUNZ on the move


Eden Fanning, Nicole Porch, Rachel Ireland and Emma Byrne were Region 7A CHAMPS in the 4x100 relay. Rachel Ireland has had a magnificent track career for Bennett County, but, what I like most about the girls in this relay are there are two 8th graders and a 9th-grader running this event. 

Here is that relay!

Alright so TRUE STORY, the other day I'm sitting in my apartment in Salt Lake City and I'm watching some of the Region 7A track meet that is being live-streamed. In particular I caught the boys 1600 meter run. 

For the life of me I could not figure out who the kid from Bennett County was that was right up there in the mix. Bennett County, 1600 did not compute. 

Later, I looked at the results and saw the kid from Bennett County was a 7th-grader, Mason Heath.

Oh, that's why...Heath's dad Rick once ran in the 1:55's for 800 meters...Can not wait to see what this kid does over the next six years in multiple sports. Heath and his teammates, Jared Harris (STUD wrestler), Tristan Richards (8th grader), Tee Allen qualified for state in the medley relay. Love it when young athletes get an opportunity to SEE the big stage. 


Looking forward to seeing what Tee Allen has in him at the state meet in the high-jump. Kid tied for 8th at state last year and he's been over 6-feet this year. He won the Region title, although sources tell me he looked a tad gimpy in the sprinting events he ran. 

Bennett County girls are starting to show

If I'm being perfectly honest here girls sports in Martin haven't been great the last couple of years. Volleyball, basketball (team showed some life this year, they're coming). 

But, look out baby, there are some athletes on the move. 

4x800 relay won a Region title with a solid time of 10:27...that has a chance to medal at the state meet. Girls on that team...Rachel Ireland (senior), Angie WINTERS (sophomore), Taylor Byerley (7th-grade) and Nicole Porch (9th-grade)

Wanted to give a huge shout-out to 9th-grader, Nicole Porch who ran a brilliant anchor in that 4x800 to hold off Winner. Can't remember who was telling me this, maybe Mr. Tim Huether over at the Bennett County Booster. It seems Porch has been battling some injuries, hip related injuries for the last few seasons. She's healthy now and is starting to make some NOIZE...very excited for her future.

Biyearly, the 7th-grader ran a 5:53 1600 meters as a 7th-grader...Looking for a huge gain in cross-country from this young lady next fall. 

The Lady Warriors, who were kind of an after-thought in the Region 7A rankings, also won the Medley Relay with Byerly anchoring. 

1st place 4:36.42 (Rachel Ireland, Eden Fanning, Nicole Porch, Taylor Byerley)

Listen, the automatic qualifier for the state meet is 4:30...Lady Warriors are right there!

Garrett Hodson won the Region 7A title in the 110 meter hurdles and he was second in the 300 hurdles. He'll run Friday in Spearfish. 


I hear and feel and now see some good things going on over in Bennett County. The high-school baseball team couldn't field a squad for spring....They will have a LEGION team (Post 240), a team that beat Gordon Nebraska on Wednesday. Some college level talent on that team and they will be dangerous in the region. 

Was chatting a bit with my high-school classmate Molly Risse yesterday. She told me a bit of a story about former Bennett County match teacher, Mike Olson coaching the girls softball team. Three years ago when they asked him to coach, he playfully said, "I don't like softball and I don't like girls." 

Well, the girls like him, so much so that they show up to practice 30 minutes early and get all stretched out and warmed up so that when Mr. Olson arrives they meet on the mound and go to WORK!

The WARRIOR WAY - I like it!