Miller boys SHATTER 52-year old Rustler 4x200 record


By Rich Winter

With a seasons best time of 1:35 in the 4x200 relay (800 meter relay) the Miller boys needed to come up with something big to make the finals. 

Oh Boy did they!

The quartet of Jarek Kindle, Garrett Knox, Joey Simpson and Karst Hunter ran a 1:32.72, to qualify for Saturday's Class A finals in that event. In 1966 a foursome from Miller ran a 1:34.1 and that record stood until the 2018 Rustlers shredded that record into oblivion. 

Okay, so took a break to go watch the boys shot-put so I missed the Class A semis in the 100 meters where Rustler senior, Jarek Kindle heads into Saturday's final with the 4th fastest qualifying time of 11.01. 

In the 800 meter relay, Kindle lit up his first leg and really put the Rustlers in a great position. Knox and Simpson both ran well, as did anchor Karst Hunter as Miller has the 7th-fastest qualifying time heading into the finals. 

Well, earlier in the day, the Miller boys did it again, this time in the 4x100. The same quartet of fellas ran a 44.21 to break a record they already owned....But, 44.21 is fast, the kind of fast that gave the Rustlers the third-fastest qualifying time in that event...

Kindle, again blistered his leg and really put the Rustlers in a great position. 

Miller sophomore, Kayde Fernholz qualified for the finals of the 100 meter hurdles. 

A big day on Saturday, good luck to the Rustlers...




4x200 relay record of 1:34.1 from 1966


Knox, Garrett 11



Simpson, Joey 11


Hunter, Karst 11