Newcastle's Cade Ostenson happy to be part of the Sacred Hoops Family!

By Rich Winter

As the Sacred Hoops West-River teams gathered for practice last Thursday, Chad and Cade Ostenson made the trip from Newcastle Wyoming to PUT IN WORK. For a young man that just wrapped up a brilliant junior season at Newcastle (2nd in 3A state basketball tournament, 2nd in Class 3A long-jump, father and son were ready to sink their teeth into practice.

"There is a ton of competition at every practice," Cade Ostenson said. "Everybody is getting up and down and getting after it, it’s really fun." 

"Track makes me more athletic" - Cade Ostenson


Long jump - Cade Ostenson 21'8.75"

For a lot of high-school athletes that talk about becoming better athletes, Ostenson is in the mix, running the 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles and long and triple jumping. While his father is the track coach, young Ostenson is looking for every opportunity to get better. 

"Track makes me a lot more athletic," Ostenson said. "It helps with jumping and everything so when you go inside to finish you can get up a little higher." 

At the Wyoming state meet, Ostenson got out to 21'8.75" and finished 2nd, just 1.25 inches out of state championship air. 

That state championship air is something Ostenson has in mind every time he works out and every time he steps on the court. In 2018, his Newcastle team that was junior heavy finished 2nd in Wyoming's 3A division. 

"My goals this summer are getting better at finishing inside and getting my pull up jumper to be better," he said.

Make no mistake, basketball is LIFE for the Newcastle prep. He and his dad have been working together for a long, long time. 

"I admire my dad the most of all the people that have helped me," Ostenson said. "He's been around and coached me when I was little and helped me a lot." 

With a summer of training and getting better in front of him Ostenson said he wants to become a better LEADER and he and his Newcastle mates are looking for a state basketball championship next spring.