Custer's Tori Glazier handles difficult moment with Style, Dignity and Class


By all accounts the 2018 Class A state track meet was one to forget for Custer senior Tori Glazier. Entering the meet, Glazier had won 10 individual state titles, including five consecutive TITLES in the 800 meters, For six years, Glazier has run anything the coaches asked her to and been the driving force behind a dominant run for the Custer girls. 

On Friday morning of the state track meet in Spearfish, Glazier anchored the Custer girls to a 6th place finish in the 4x800 relay. 

Late Friday, Glazier lined up for a run at sixth straight 800M title.  

In 2017, Custer's Tori Glazier nipped then St. Thomas More 8th-grader, Haleigh Timmer (photo on left). In 2018, Timmer edged Glazier and broke Tori's Class A state meet record with a 2:13.61 with Glazier 2nd with a 2:16. 

On Saturday, Glazier lined up for the 1600 meters, her last individual race of a brilliant career for Custer. For three laps, Glazier lay in wait like a lioness getting ready to pounce.


From left to right: Tori Glazier (Check out the eyes....Glazier is keeping an eye on Maddie Lavin of Vermillion), Karlee Simmons (Hill City), Maddie Lavin (Vermillion), Marion Hohn (Hill City), Cait Savey (Beresford)

With about 300 meters left in the race, Glazier put the hammer down and launched her attack. The surge dropped everyone except Vermillion's Lavin, who refused to wilt, although she was 10 meters back. 

With 50 meters to go, Glazier had a 10-meter lead on Lavin....and then the unthinkable happened. 

Several FEET from the finish line, Glazier fell down. 

Inches from her 11th state title, Glazier reached for the line, reached again, only to have Lavin cross the line just a blink before she did. 

1st - Maddie Lavin - 5:11.22

2nd - Glazier - 5:11.33


With 50 meters remaining in the 1600, Tori Glazier had a 10-meter lead on Vermillion's Maddie Lavin. Feet from the finish line, having given everything she had to the effort, Glazier collapsed and ended up getting 2nd, just .11 behind Lavin. 

Life had just dealt her a crushing blow and Glazier handled it like a champ!

Quote from Rapid City Journal:

"I know inside that I gave it everything I had, I have no regrets because I didn’t save anything, I just pushed to the end and I guess God has a plan and if it didn’t work out the way I had planned, I know he had a reason for it," she said. "It’s a tough loss, it’s the first meet where I haven’t had a state championship but I know I gave everything and I know I have more ahead in the future. Inside I was just defeated, but I knew inside that was meant to happen would happen, even though I’m not happy with it, it’s the way it goes." - Tori Glazier
Thanks for the MEMORIES Tori Glazier
Custer's Tori Glazier will continue her running career at South Dakota State this fall, and boy are high-school sports fans across South Dakota going to miss her. A killer on the cross-country course, Glazier's teams have won multiple state titles. 
On the basketball court, we never got to see Glazier at the state tournament, BUT, Lakota Nation fans got to see her all four years of her high-school career. At the 2017 Lakota Nation Invitational, Glazier was named to the All-Tournament team after her Custer Lady Wildcats finished 4th at the tournament. 

2018 Class A Third-Team All-State: 21 PPG, 8 rpg, 2 apg


Regarding that fall at this year's state meet: I'm going to remember she went for it

Not all of us get to win state championships, let alone ten of them. Glazier knew that 1600 was going to be a dog-fight and she went for it. She launched an attack and gave every LAST BIT of energy for the goal. 

How many of us leave our high-school careers like that: Nothing left, nothing more to give, having spent EVERYTHING?

Beautiful career for this young lady....Good luck at the next level.