CEB BRAVE, John Henry Hale lacing them up for SD All Star Football GAME


Recently graduated CEB senior John Henry Hale will be playing in this weekends SD All Star Football game. This young man received All-State Honors during his senior campaign in 2017. 

Alright so it is not every year that players from CEB are selected for All-Star Football games. Wanna see why he was selected? Take a look at this video clip of Hale, blocking on a WR screen. Tough block for a big guy, one on one, with a smaller (shiftier) defender and HALE absolutely BLOWS UP the defender and then...He's getting down field and looking for MORE!


CEB coach Michael Scott talks about Hale and how he got to be an all-state caliber player. 

Scott - "Left Tackle and Defensive Lineman for the Braves. Has been a starter for 3 years and has worked tremendously hard in the weight room. Has a team first attitude and a strong will to compete! High character, high motor big man."



1. Three year starter

2. Worked tremendously hard in the weight room

3. First team attitude and a strong will to compete

4. High character

5. High MOTOR for a BIG MAN!

Wanna see some MORE?

Check out the RAZZLE-DAZZLE as Hale scores on a left-tackle (nicely designed play) reverse. 

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