Y'all better keep an eye out for the Crazy Horse girls.....


Pretty excited to see a big moment for the Crazy Horse girls basketball program this week. Chiefs Athletic Director and girls basketball coach, James Bagwell shared a big moment this week on his Facebook wall as a college coach approached him about one of his players, Diedre Roberts. 

First Contact: "A proud coach moment our sophomore guard Deidre Roberts got her first college interest today from Chadron State. The head women's coach approached me after our game and inquired about her and also got her contact information. Her exact words I can't officially recruit her until the start of next year but let her know I am interested."

That's awesome!

Asked Mr. Bagwell to record some footage of the girls playing at the School of Mines Team Camp yesterday and it doesn't take long for it to become clear this Roberts girl is talented. (Check out the left hand). 

Going to share another video clip from Friday. Want you to keep an eye on a couple of things.

1. Check out the first offensive set: Several girls capable of handling the rock. But, the team comes down, four people touch the rock and the Lady Chiefs get an inside layup because they made the extra pass. 

2. Check out the defense from the girl in all red. While the end result was a reaching foul, up until she reached she was playing some shut-down, in your face, aggressive defense. 

3. Check out the steal and near finish from #21. Played the passing lanes perfectly, sprinted down the floor, beat her defender and while she missed the layup that is a Solid transition effort. Tremendous MOVE!

One final video from the Crazy Horse Chiefs in Rapid City. 

Check out a couple things. 

1. A lazy pass early in the offensive set nearly leads to a turnover

2. A turnover, a mistake leads to a transition bucket the other day. 

3. Near the end of the video I see a terrific offensive set. Lady Chiefs show some toughness, some good crisp, clean passes and the step-back pull-up 12-footer for a score from No. 4 is a big-time move. 

Keep working Lady Chiefs....getting Better every day!