Have you ever wondered why South Dakota gives a Spirit of SU Award to Boys and Girls: B, A, AA

By Rich Winter

Just guessing here but one would assume that every person that wins the Spirit of SU award goes back and does at least a little checking to find out who SuAnne Big Crow was. Interesting to note that Big Crow died in 1992 and her legacy lives on, 26 years later as one of the most iconic young people to ever wear a high school basketball uniform in South Dakota.  

The Intangibles give us a good perspective on what the Spirit of Su award means.

"Spirit of Su" Award

Each year the "Spirit of Su' Award will be given to an outstanding senior player who exemplifies the life of SuAnne Big Crow, Pine Ridge. SuAnne was killed in a car accident on her way to the Miss Basketball Banquet in 1992.

The player will be judged in the categories of outstanding athletic ability, leadership, character, sportsmanship and grade point average.

The stats are STARTLING!

* Big Crow made the last-second winning basket in the state Class A championship game.

* 39 PPG - She was the best girl's player in South Dakota

* 67 points in a single game to set a STATE RECORD

While showing exceptional skill on and off the court are part of the Spirit of SU, it is kind of hard to wrap your head around what kind of impact she had and is still having on South Dakota youth. 

Until NOW - There is a film documentary coming out in 2019 highlighting the life of SuAnne Big Crow....Here is a 3-minute trailer.