July 9, 12 & 13 Strength and Basketball workouts for St. Francis Indian and Todd County

Over the last month Sacred Hoops has come to the Rosebud for 9 sessions of Strength and Basketball workouts. This week there are three more days of those workouts (Younger kids in the AM), 7-12 in the afternoon. 

If you've heard of Sacred Hoops and wondered what all the fuss is about...

One of the reasons the Rosebud was chosen for 12 days of Strength and Basketball workouts is one of Sacred Hoops' Directors, Allan Bertram started his coaching career at Todd County and the Rosebud is near and dear to him. 

One of the reasons 12 sessions were offered on the Rosebud was an attempt to build some lifting and high-level basketball training momentum. The idea was to offer 12 sessions of high-level training in the hopes that the workouts would build routines for the young people and establish a tradition here on the Rosebud. 

So, there are three sessions left...Monday, Thursday and Friday...GET SOME!



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