Mason Jandreau Lower Brule Student/Coach - If you can't join em, Coach EM

By Rich Winter

Six weeks into the 2017 season, Lower Brule starting center, Mason Jandreau broke his left fibula. The Sioux's starting center and a guy that was getting time at DT, as a sophomore had to watch as his Lower Brule teammates struggled late in the season against some rock-solid competition. 

After healing up and playing junior varsity basketball for Lower Brule, Jandreau found himself on the courts during a summer basketball tournament in Lower Brule.

And he BROKE his other TIBIA. 

"I was going up for a rebound, a kid jumped on my back, he came down and it just snapped," Jandreaus said. 

At first he didn't feel anything but he definitely knew he heard something SNAP!

"I heard it snap and I was kind of in shock before I realized that this just happened," he said. 

The Lower Brule EMT's rushed Jandreau to the Chamberlain hospital. From there the Jandreau's waited for a team from Brandon Valley to take the young man to Sioux Falls for surgery. 

"It was a complicated break, right under the kneecap," Jandreau said. "The first one occurred during a game against Potter County. That one was simpler, they splinted it up that night before I eventually got a brace on it." 

Unsure if he'll be medically be cleared to ever play sports, Jerome and Keri Jandreau's son is officially listed on the Lower Brule roster as a manager but he's also taken on a role working with the offensive and defensive lineman as a Student/Coach. 

And he's had his eyes opened about paying attention to what his coaches tell him when he gets back on the field. 

"Whenever a coach used to tell me something I'd be like yeah, yeah, I've been practicing like this my whole life, it's easier and then I would go out on the field and do things the same way I've always been doing them," he said. 

This year he's offering suggestions about using a 4-point stance or going to hand-fighting right away when the ball is snapped. He's videoing games, getting involved with a tremendous Lower Brule media Dept, and we might see and hear more of him in the Broadcasting booth. 

"He's had some growing pains trying to understand what this part of football is like with long hours and no play," Zeke Prado, Lower Brule coach said. 

A young man with a full academic load this fall: Algebra, Anatomy, ACT Prep, Language Arts, US History and Chemistry has a deep love of Lower Brule sports and a bright future in announcing should he choose to go down that path. 

Mason Jandreau's take on Lower Brule's 56-0 win over Crazy Horse yesterday. 

Mason Jandreau talks about the Lower Brule Boys making the Class B State Basketball 

"It was always fun to go and watch the team last year," Jandreaus said. "It was fun to watch them beat teams that were supposed to beat us by 30." 

While not a part of the varsity, Jandreau remembers pulling up to the Lower Brule gym just after the Sioux had qualified for the state tournament. 

"The best part from the community was a night after they won the game to get in," Jandreau said. "We can in and there were people waiting for the high school bus and there was just so many people. They brought the seniors up on stage and it was amazing because you really never see anything like that here." 

Lower Brule takes on Standing Rock, ND this week in a game at Lower Brule.