ONE 2 WATCH: Bee's Jamin Arend is a 2-sport STUD!!

By Rich Winter

As the high school sports seasons begin, one of the guys that is worth the price of admission is Bridgewater/Ethan/Emery (Bee) senior, Jamin Arend.

An 11 B all-state football player as a junior, Arend's highlight reel is downright TUFF. Young guy is an all-around guy on both sides of the ball and special teams. 

Arend was part of Bridgewater/Ethan Class B title in 2017


As soon as football is over, Arend hangs up the spikes and dons the sneakers. Two years ago, Arend was part of a state championship team in 2017. A year ago, Arend helped the Huskies to a 3rd-place finish in the Big B.

Arend was a second-team All-state selection: 14 ppg, and 5 assists per game.