This Ronald “Butch” Kirkie, Jr. fella sounds like a heck of an athlete/person


Alright, so just prior to the Lakota Nation Invitational, we were poking around trying to gather some information about the kind of Baller, Ronald “Butch” Kirkie, Jr. was.

So, reached out to Maria Provost who posted this on her Facebook timeline, asking for people to share memories

Hello, friends and fam! Quick favor! What do you remember most about my dad when you played basketball with him or against him? If you’ve ever watched him play, too, what do you remember the most about him when he was out on the basketball court? Help me out, please! Need memories!

Well, in that frenzied up state just prior to Lakota Nation, a ton of people checked in…They tell the story of one heck of a basketball player and an even better person. Here are some thoughts from those who checked in….Thanks to all those who checked in…your painted a hell of a story!

Alex Red Prue  - I played against him for years. I played against a lot of good guards throughout my career, Butch was the best. We were playing them many years in Albuquerque, in the Championship game of the 6ft and under. It was a war, Red Leaf beat them in the finals. I played point, Alphonso, Rick and Ed White Hat, Dale, Lee and Pat Bad hand, Leonard Roillard. Butch came over and congratulated us all. With a big smile on his face, I know he was happy for us. Thats the kind of man Butch is. One of the top guards ever.

Travis Albers  - Competitive as hell! Went hard all the time. Best part....never said anything, just played. Even better? Taking the time to teach the younger ones....that is what personally meant the most to me.

Wes Bigeagle -  I remember alot of him from the ball court, bank shots, passes, many memories and things i took with me that he taught us...

Allan Bertram He embodied the game and understood the responsibility of helping others through it. 
He was so smooth on the court, but his work ethic, competitive fire, and want to win always stood out. 
The ultimate competitor on the court but the greatest of people off of it!

Virgil TakenAlive 9 games in one day, Sisseton open tournament, Butch Kirkie, Nathan His Law, Arnold Harrison, Tom Pickner and me. Took 2nd place after winning the first championship game and losing to the eventual champion Lakota Coup Counters in the second championship game. Winning two tournaments in one weekend, one in Little Eagle and the other in Eagle Butte. Your only young once !!

James Jc Crawford Virgil TakenAlive not sure if that was the same tournament that you may have played a team from the Milbank area, where their guards was just name to the SD All State team; at half court Butch spun around him leaving the player looking for him; all the time he standing by behind him; in short he made the defender look foolish, not on purpose but taught him what NDN ball was about; I’ll never forget that move 🏀🏀

Cooper Kirkie 🙂❤️🙏🏽 
Flagstaff Arizona 3rd grade was in City leauge every sat dad was helping ref I was dawging and talking trash the kid guarding me after a lay up uncle blew his whistle stopped the game told me if I bragging and acting cocky he was gonna take me too the bathroom and whoop me so I don’t say anything after but at home he explained that you can let the ball do the talking even when people try to get into your head or out of your game whoop em on the board I learned that day respect everyone fear no one 💯

Brenda Kirkie-Sazue so many memories, I love it! especially when he worked with me at the city hall or the tribal hall! awesomeness, his seriousness about the game and how fast he drove to the basket and made the lay up and got back to defense. so thankful I was raised in a basketball family

Arnie Harrison Came down 1 time did a 360 left everybody standing what just happened.

Gideon Saul Played his heart out every sec of the game harassed the ball full court had that lip fake shot then took his opponent left & was always pushing everyone to be a better baller but most of all "ALWAYS SAID LEFTIES WERE THE BEST"👊

Jeremy Sazue Our trip to 6ft and under in nationals when he took me and brent, along with all you girls. Just being on his team it was comfortable. When we needed a bucket give it to uncle butch. The trip itself instilled a good memory for me that i will never forget ❤☺

Pretty fun trip down Memory Lane!