Sacred Hoops Food Drive begins Friday @ Pine Ridge vs. White River game

As the Government shutdown continues things are about to get very challenging for a number of South Dakotan’s. If that Government shut down continues much longer, there will be NO EBT for the month of February. It is our understanding in fact that the last benefits for EBT have already been distributed for January and the earliest the next round of benefits ‘might’ come through will be March 10.

Just some quick numbers for South Dakota and the amount of people who utilize these benefits as most/part of their food supply. (This according to figures from 2017)

  • 93,000 South Dakota residents, or 11% of the state population (1 in 9)

  • more than74%of SNAP participants are in families with children

    almost30%are in families with members who are elderly or have disabilities

    more than45%are in working families

So, it is with these figures and the continued Government shut-down in mind that Sacred Hoops announces a food drive in the hopes of collecting as many non perishable food items as possible.

The first collection site will be the White River gym during Friday’s Pine Ridge and White River game. There will be collection boxes located in the concession stand at White River….Please bring a can of food or peanut butter or green beans or even items like toilet paper and toiletry items like toothpaste and tooth-brushes.

We at Sacred Hoops have not ultimately decided where the food will be distributed but early phone calls to Red Cloud, Native Hope in Chamberlain and St. Francis Indian School suggest there are a number of elementary schools and or communities that could greatly benefit from additional food as many kids go home on the weekends and don’t have much to eat until Monday.

For all of our Sacred Hoops athletes, parents and communities we’ve put together a list of potential games where we will be having receptacles to collect food…BUT, if any of our athletes, parents and or communities would like to hold a food drive at any of their games we would love to really make an impact for South Dakota communities, and even Government employees that have now gone two pay periods without a check.

Maybe even a classroom challenge to collect food items for those in need?

Here are some possible games;

Jan. 25 - White River vs. Ridge

Jan. 31 - TC vs. Chamberlain Girls & Madison vs. West Central

Feb. 5 - TC vs. Platte and Ridge vs. Bennett Co

Feb. 9 - Hot Springs vs. Red Cloud & THE Sacred Hoops Classic

If anyone has any questions…please reach out to us on our Facebook page or email or call Rich Winter at or 801-448-1279

Let’s go you guys…we can make a huge difference as February looks like a tough month for a lot of South Dakotan’s.