Class A Round-of-16 Projections: Hold on tight, it is going to be a mad scramble down the stretch

Believe this is a picture from West Central in 2018 during a Round-of-16 game (apologies…could not find one more current.

By Rich Winter

Well, there are some big-time matchups coming our way in Class A basketball over the next few days. Add in another winter storm coming on Friday, lingering Saturday, and that the start of Regional tournaments is looming (think most regions start on Monday, Feb. 25th)…Athletic Directors, coaches and teams are running out of real-estate to find a date for makeup games, it is going to get interesting.

While West Central and Winner are No. 1 and No. 2 in the state, there is a crowded field of contenders and a laundry list of teams that will be clawing and scratching to earn seed points that will ultimately shake things up when we get to the Round-of-16. (Some of these regions are scrappy…some of the high ranked teams may not even make it out of their Region)

Seems like 10-14 days ago, we posted a look at what the Class A Round-of-16 looked….

(Class A round-of-16-Projecttions on Feb. 1)

No. 1 West Central 46.182 vs. No. 16 SF Christian 42.250

No. 2 Winner 45.846 vs. No. 15 Crow Creek 42.308

No. 3 Belle Fouche 45.133 vs. No. 14 Flandreau 42.462

No. 4 Hamlin 44.727 vs. No. 13 Mt. Vernon Plankinton 42.636

No. 5 McCook Central-Montrose 44.538 vs. No. 12 Aberdeen Roncalli 42.667

No. 6 Lennox 44.154 (No. 1 rated) vs. No. 11 Miller 43.125

No. 7 St. Thomas More 44.286 vs. Vermillion 43.417

No. 8 Todd County 44.143 vs. Redfield/Doland 43.455

Ok, let’s flip the script and see what things look like on Feb. 14th (assuming all seeds advance to R-of-16).

No. 1 West Central (47.000) vs. No. 16 Crow Creek (41.556)

No. 2 Winner (46.063) vs. No. 15. Parkston (41.941)

No. 3 Todd County (44.737) vs. No. 14 Miller (42.467)

No. 4 Belle Fourche (44.556) vs. No. 13 Redfield/Doland (42.625)

No. 5 Hamlin (STM and Hamlin are tied with (44.235)) vs. No. 12 Aberdeen/Roncalli (42.875)

No. 6 St. Thomas More (or Hamlin) (44.235) vs. No. 11 Sioux Falls Christian (43.294)

No. 7 Lennox (44.222) vs. No. 10 Flandreau (43.375)

No. 8 McCook Central Montrose (44.118) vs. No. 9 Vermillion (43.471)

This year the A field is LOADED….West Central is out there…UNDEFEATED, but the last two games for Joe Caffrey’s squad have gone to OT…54-52 over Lennox (OT) and 76-74 over Hamlin (OT) both games on the road…Still one hurdle to clear as No. 1 RANKED West Central takes on No. 4 RANKED Sioux Falls Christian, in Sioux Falls (OOOOOHHHHHH) on the 19th.

No. 2 Winner has a home game with MOPO (Maybe) and then at Miller and at Stanley County. (Per Betzy Watzel)

No. 3 Todd County - The Lady Falcons had a scare this week (down 42-27 at Little Wound) but rallied in a 70-69 THRILLER - TC has one game, on the road against a good Class B school, Kadoka on Friday (weather permitting)

No. 4 Belle Fourche has a tricky home game tonight against New Underwood and an even trickier game on the road vs. Ranked (Class B Faith)

No. 5 Hamlin - Home games with Sisseton and Redfiled/Doland (should win out)

No. 6 STM - Home game with Hot Springs and close with road games against AA teams Yankton (7-8) and Brandon Valley (14.3) on Feb. 22 and Feb. 23. (interesting games…if More were to win both…their seeding could get a titanic boost

No. 7 Lennox (should win out with a home game against (EPJ) and a road game at Dakota Valley

No. 8 - MCM Very tricky game at 10th seeded Flandreau…Fliers will be looking for a seed bump to get out a potential Round-of-16 matchup with Lennox.

No. 9 Vermillion - The Media poll loves the Lady Tanagers…but still some WORK to do as they have to play a 13-2 Beresford team (no one is talking about) in Beresford.

These seeds are fluid and change everyday….weather cancellations, potential games until late next week….It is gonna get wild folks…stay tuned!!