Sacred Hoops 2021 top Prospect: Little Wound junior Eva Bull Bear


The Little Wound girls are playing some serious basketball heading into Region play. Tough loss to TC on Tuesday, 70-69…Last night the girls beat St. Francis in double OT - 81-80 AND, tonight it is back home vs. a very strong Lower Brule squad. (For the purpose of this player profile, Eva Bull Bear is pictured at the far left of Kernit Grimshaw’s photo, or No. 3 in your program.

By Alejandro Rama and Rich Winter

As we head towards summer (with an epic month in front of this) one of the really exciting players to look for is Class of 2021 Prospect, Little Wound sophomore Eva Bull Bear.

Lyle LeBeaux’s sophomore point guard had ten points at the end of regulation in last night’s game at St Francis.

  • In the first OT period, Bull Bear simply took over, scoring 7 straight points including this impossibly challenging and-1 (LW prevailed 81-80 in 2 OT’s)

Player profile: Point guard with exceptional vision…An absolutely ferocious defender that can guard all-five positions…Runs the floor well, and really muscles guards with her defense. Offensively, looks to attack, draw and get her teammates involved. Can be a big-time offensive scorer and her offensive abilities will improve during her final two years under LeBeaux’s tutelage.

Strengths: Vision, court awareness and an absolute competitor who plays all phases of the game.

Needs to work on: Taking her game to the next level. This Summer, Bull Bear will be playing on a Sacred Hoops, All-Native team…Seeing that elite competition this summer will take Bull Bear’s game to that of the elite guards in South Dakota.