Sunday Spotlight: Check out some up-and-coming Native American BALLERS

As part of the every day operations of the Sacred Hoops Media Dept., one of the most fun things to do is scroll through various social media platforms to check out what is going on with the younger generation of ball players. Yes, we are about to dive into a whirlwind of post-season play but is dang exciting to see such a determined group of youngsters that are waiting in the wings.

From Wambli Meeter’s Facebook Page:


Squad!!!! Up and Coming!!!! I wish nothing but the best for all my boys. We might not all be together this year but that doesn’t mean I won’t love them the same. It was good to see thee crew together. #BallisLife!!!! #HoksilaSicas!!!! #WeAreMoreThanATeamWeFamily!!!! ❤️🏀💯😇💯🏀❤️

Pine Ridge senior Juwan Garnier gives a little breakdown on ‘Bruth’ - Pine Ridge 5th-grader


Well growing up he was always around the game and always around us older ones just watching and learning from us. Around 2nd grade he was obsessed with trying to get his left hand better or equal to his strong hand. He understands the game and he gets his team involved.

In a recent game against Red Cloud he had the first 8 points in a 45-second spree.

“He’s very talented and also a humble, hard worker,” Juwon Garnier said. “And I saw him on YouTube watching older players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, TracyMcGrady and I was surprised.”

Amanda Carlow doing Yeoman’s work with the West-River Sacred Hoops Programs…


Cannot wait to see what emerges from the Sacred Hoops younger guys that are getting in a ton of experience with their almost weekly tournaments…

And Weekly skill work?

The Little Saders program at Red Cloud is thriving…skill work and tournament tested, this next generation is going to be pretty RUGGED!

Check out the letter that Corey Brown got last week from a young man named Parker…

“Dear Corey Brown, I want you to help me play basketball and lift heavy stuff (awesome). Can you…Parker"?

Hey, if anyone has a great pic or some stats from a Jr. High or Elementary game we would love to see them…Send through our Sacred Hoops Facebook Page, we’ll accumulate and share on Sunday’s…