Remember when the Wakonda girls beat Sioux Falls Lincoln AND Sioux Falls Roosevelt?

Can u imagine Sioux Falls Lincoln and Sioux Falls Roosevelt stopping off to play a little-ole B school Wakonda in (1989 or 1990)…and jumping back on the bus with an L offered up by ‘little’ ole B SCHOOL the Wakonda Warriors.

By Rich Winter

I think for a lot of us basketball fans something always rings true when the little guy beats the big guy. As the playoffs across South Dakota heat up today with first-round region action in the B girls, coaches are giving the ‘It’s a new season’ talk…Teams that didn’t start the year well (Madison boys (5-5 on Jan. 12), Today (12-6) and on a 5-game winning streak) are peaking and ready for the challenges that await.

The David Vs. Goliath story that so many of us can identify with…

A few weeks ago (Feb. 2) Class A No. 1 Tea Area roughed up Class AA, No. 1 Sioux Falls Lincoln, 65-47. Think it is very cool that a lot of AA schools are starting to play some of the strong Class A teams…It is good for the game to see a St. Thomas More play a Harrisburg or a Harrisburg play Sioux Falls Christian.

While these clashes are good basketball, news flash to the AA schools: We’ve got a chip on our shoulder and we will do ANYTHING to get a DUB over U.

Even Division 1 signees like Justin Hohn and Noah Freidel on playing a AA school and how they want to finish their high school careers.


Noah Freidel

We have been trying to play #1 AA for years now. We knew they underestimated us and didn’t respect class and we wanted to show them what we can do.

We want to leave our mark as THEE Best team ever!! I think our schedule this year is about the best you can have around here.. Not many teams have played one like it! -Noah Freidel


I was super motivated to play the No. 1 AA because we had been waiting for a few years to be able to play a AA team. Playing Lincoln at the pentagon made it that much sweeter.

We are a very driven squad. Each person on the team has their role(s) and we all buy into the team goal each game, which is to control every aspect of the game and get the W -Justin Hohn

While a Class A school beating a AA school in 2019 is pretty neat…Can u imagine going back to 1989 or 1990 as Ron Flynn’s Wakonda Warriors (Class B) took on Sioux Falls Lincoln and Sioux Falls Roosevelt. Back in those days it was unheard of for a B school to play a AA school (When is that last time that happened?).

The Wakonda teams of the late 80’s and early 90’s weren’t just a little ole B school. Ron Flynn’s group won state titles in 88, 89 and 90…Won a ton of games in a row…And they just wanted to see how they would do against AA Schools.


As if Becky Flynn wouldn’t have been fired up for those games, she really got fired up when the AA schools started laughing at their gym.

“I know they were laughing when they entered our gym, we were pissed!

They weren’t laughing though when they left the gym - Becky Flynn (Jensen)

There is always something special about the playoffs. There will be upsets along the way, hearts will be crushed and others with dreams fulfilled. It is a new season, a new start and the basketball level is about to ratchet us up to a whole new level.

Look out for the Underdog though…they will do anything

White River vs. Pierre…Hmmmm????