New prospects will emerge from Sacred Hoops Saturday youth tournament

While the SD High school basketball playoffs are upon us, there will be a lot of eyes on some up-and-coming prospects in this Saturday’s Sacred Hoops Youth-Tournament in Pierre.

One of the groups that vastly is overlooked in South Dakota basketball is the elementary and Jr. High programs. These guys and gals are the building blocks of many of the great PROGRAMS we’ll see during these upcoming tourneys.

White River: Louie Krogman and Corey Sayler coach the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th boys team #pipeline!

Vermillion: Did u know that Becky Flynn Jensen coaches in the youth programs in Vermillion. She coaches 6th grade girls and 4th grade boys this year….Coached 8th boys last year with her oldest son (now a frosh) at Vermillion.

Red Cloud: Amanda Carlow who is instrumental in so many levels of coaching and helping the younger Red Cloud programs…Did a fantastic job last summer as the All-Native, 17-U team and doing good stuff with a lot of the Sacred Hoops winter teams out west.

Of course not every program has the same pipeline of coaches….Over the last few months it has been a pleasure for so many of the coaches and staff from Sacred Hoops to work with this up-coming group of prospects. Big shout-out to the parents that weathered a cold and snowy winter, allowing us to work with your student/athletes.

But now, it is tournament time…And with central SD, Pierre being the location of this weekend’s tournament, the gloves are off cuz it is tourney time. Excited to see a number of our Sacred Hoops athletes but also excited to see some prospects we’ve never seen before.

Next, we will have a feature story on two prospects from this tourney who have very bright futures.

Let the games begin…

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