Beyond the Bleachers: In the middle of Chaos Burke's Mandy Frank keeps it together for EVERYONE!

By Rich Winter

Ya know how in small towns across South Dakota we have adults that just seem to be involved in everything? When you don’t have a town full of theatre buffs, someone has to carry the torch. When you are coaching softball, attending your kids’ baseball games, raising kids, just keeping it together amidst chaos, every town needs a Mandy Frank.

The summer of 2018 was pretty interesting for us here @ Sacred Hoops. Launched in the spring of 2018, the Sacred Hoops coaches and staff were involved with a number of AAU teams…And, they did a ton of workouts with a lot of different high schools. Amidst our own newness, the one thing we could always count on was that Burke’s Mandy Frank would have it all worked out by the time we got there.


“This summer we would call Mandy (son Jaden played with Sacred Hoops) and tell her what day and what time WE would be there.

Not only would Mandy have the Burke kids there but she called around to nearby towns like Gregory, Colome and Winner to make sure those kids knew they were welcome.

Absolutely invaluable when people like Mandy Frank step up.” Allan Bertram, Sacred Hoops Co-Director.

Alright, so last week sometime, saw some interesting things posted on Mandy Frank’s Facebook page.

Look at the little town of Burke throwing together a Middle-School musical presentation…Looks like nearly everyone in Burke’s Middle school is involved with the music.

Saw a little thank you post from Mandy Frank -

A HUGE thank you to all of the Burke Music Booster parents for all of your donated food items for the MS Dinner Theater! You have no idea how much it was all appreciated, and we had so many compliments on how good the soup and bars were! I would also like to thank the Decorating Committee, Food Prep Crew, Serving and Clean Up crews!! You all went above and beyond to make this night a success! Words cannot express the sense of gratitude and appreciation I have for all of you! And lastly, THANK YOU to Mrs. Thiry, Mrs. Stephens, and the MS music students for putting on another amazing production! We have so much to be proud are all a very talented group of kids! 💙🐾🎼🎬

While it was never intimated from Mandy Frank’s Social-Media post, turns out she is the chairperson for this event.

“She is the event organizer, working along side the music directors for our school....lines up people for decorations and food...according to the theme chosen by the Music director,” Nancy Geaghen said.

Frank even plays down her importance as Chairperson.

“They must be desperate as they have kept me in this position for 6 years’s a huge event for us each year, and the funds raised go directly back to our music programs for equipment, trips, and needs that the school budget can’t always support and we get to show off the talents and skills of our MS students, so a win-win for all,” Mandy Frank.


Did we mention that Frank is also an assistant volleyball coach for Burke, a team that has gone to back-to-back Class B state tournaments.

In the summer-time coaches girls softball..

And so, in the midst of all this, the Franks started a business a few months back…

Gregory County Locker LLC: THEY HAVE THE MEATS!

From Mandy Frank: My husband (Kurt) and his business partner Lonnie Liewer started the business. And then of course Kurt’s dad is a full time employee and his mom his helping with the book work, and the kids and I are assisting with the processing and packaging when our crazy sports schedules allow us to do so. We are really excited about this new adventure!

Check out some of the stuff the Gregory County Locker is putting out: DAYUM!

Let’s see, a small business in South Dakota run by good, solid, hard-working folks that are heavily invested in their schools and communities = U BET!

Check out the Gregory County Locker on Facebook

Or give these good folks a call at (605) 775-2070


Just one final picture about the Locker…These items were put together as a basket for Valentine’s Day….

WHAT MAN (or woman) on the planet wouldn’t like to come home on Valentine’s DAY and C this sitting there.

Three words: