Rare AIR - SDSU's Mike Daum passes the BIG-O (Oscar Robertson)

Wow, a kid that plays for South Dakota State just passed the legendary Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati) for No. 10 All-Time on NCAA Basketball’s All-Time Scoring LIST!

Well, Mike Daum was at it again last night for the Jacks vs. Purdue Ft. Wayne.

38 points, oh and 20 rebounds.

I hope people are appreciating this run by the South Dakota State Jackrabbits who are now 22-7.

Daum is passing some serious names on the All-Time Scoring list..BUT, he’s really giving some legs to basketball in South Dakota…Driving the other day, listening to the Jim Rome show and I’ll be danged, he didn’t have Mike Daum on his show, right after Daum passed Larry Bird.

That’s Big-Time BABY!!!

Great interview by Rome…and a senior at South Dakota State talked about growing up in the small town of Kimball, South Dakota and how he appreciated his upbringing her in the plains states!

Alright, so let’s throw out this scoring thing to see where Daum fits into the All-Time ranks as he just moved into 10th. However, let’s not forget Daum had 20 rebounds last night. He just broke the Summit League record for career rebounds: 1197 rebounds.

Current numbers: 2981 points and 1197 rebounds.

After passing Bird, Daum caught these guys…

Tyler Hanbrough - 2882 (Nice win this week Carolina fans)

Elvin Hayes - 2884

Alfrederick Hughes - 2914

Danny Manning - 2951 (MH)

Oscar Robertson - 2973

No. 10 Mike Daum - South Dakota State University - 2981

Next up:

No. 9 Chris Clemons: Campbell, 3006

No. 8 Hersey Hawkins: Bradley, 3008

No. 7 Keydran Clark: Saint Peter’s 3058

No. 6 Harry Kelly - Texas Southern (1979) - 3066

No. 5 Dougie McBUCKETS…Doug McDermott - Creighton 3150

Stop and pause here for just a second:

South Dakota State hosts South Dakota tomorrow…(Streaming?)

SDSU ends regular season March, 2nd vs. Western Illinois

(Let’s assume 3 Summit League games)

If they make the dance: how far can they go…1 and done, two…IDK but a Round of 16 by a team from South Dakota would be amazing)

So, Daum currently averages 25.8…I’m gonna say six games left (one in the NCAA) so

25.8 x 6 = 154.8 points (155) = 3136

Let’s start the list again..

No. 5 Dougie McBUCKETS…Doug McDermott - Creighton 3150

No. 4 - Alphonso Ford (Mississippi Valley State) - 3165

No. 3 - Lionel Simmons - La Salle - 3,217

No. 2 - Freeman Williams - Portland State - 3,249

No. 1 (PISTOL) Pete Maravich - 3667 points (Only played 3 years averaged 44.2 per game)

Assuming he stays healthy and all that good stuff, Daum is likely to finish his career as the No. 6 scorer in the All-Time history of College Basketball…

Pay attention folks, we’ve got a Nebraska/South Dakota kid that is reaching some all-time, RARIFIED AIR!!