Sacred Hoops Bracket Challenge & All-Star game coming soon

A couple of big announcements for basketball fans across South Dakota.

Sacred Hoops All-Star game: Sunday, April 7th, in Ft. Pierre, Parkview Gym

Just spoke with Sacred Hoops Co-Director Allan Bertram who says invitations are going to be sent out to the best seniors in South Dakota…The central location of this event should provide a big-time environment for our seniors to showcase their skills one last time!

Sacred Hoops Bracket challenge: Coming soon

One of the great things about South Dakota basketball fans is so many of us have favorite college teams…Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky to name a few..

So, when the NCAA tournament rolls around Sacred Hoops is going to have a bracket challenge

Entry fee: NONE (However, we don’t have all the logistics down, but there will be a donate here button with participants encouraged to give a dollar here, 10 or even 20 with all of that money going directly towards the sponsorship of Sacred Hoops Athletes)

Stay tuned!!