Shout out to CEB senior Naden Saucedo and the Cheyenne Eagle Butte BRAVES

By Rich Winter

Alright so the other day I was watching the Winner @ Cheyenne Eagle Butte game on….early in the game, in front of a packed house, I watched a young man from CEB absolutely take it the hole with some WICK English and score over Brandon Volmer. Pulled a little clip from that and put it on our Sacred Hoops Page, only to find out later that No. 24 on the SDHSAA website is not Warren Swan but Naden Saucedo.

A couple people checked in very nicely to alert me to that mistake…I said I’d fix it tomorrow…

Well, tomorrow was yesterday and cussed around a bit after realizing the game was no longer posted on-line…This morning, I tried to find the video I’d clipped, only to realized I’d emptied my trash and it was GONE!

Earlier this morning I asked Jess Keckler to give me a little scouting report on Saucedo, then I went back and watched a good share of Eagle’s Butte’s 77-53 win @ Todd County.


Keckler on Saucedo - Naden he’s one of the leaders of the team prob been the most consistent 3-point shooter this year. He takes turn running the point with Cecilio. They all know there rolls on the team n as a fan we have high expectations for the rest of the year.

So, after watching that TC game, I came away a little more impressed with CEB and in particular, the TUFF, gritty style of basketball that young Saucedo plays. And I think all of Eagle Butte roared when Saucedo knocked down a 30-footer to beat Stanley County in OT a few weeks ago…BANG!!

So, I think most of the state is aware a the offensive fireworks dialed up by Cecilio Montgomery. After watching CEB take down TC pretty easily, this is a big, long, athletic and really good club.

Lane Mosseau the 6-foot-6 junior is a load….Big, solid around the hoop and a good passer.

Leon Brown Otter 6-foot-2 junior…LONG, 3-point range and a wily defender.

Nevyn Mendoza, another junior that does a bit of everything…great game against TC…

Let’s see, Big, lanky, wily and 11-3 and leading Region 6A…

Tricky game with MOPO on Friday but that game is in CEB, and word on the street, the BRAVES have a huge home court advantage because Braves fans are showing up en masse.

After that, St. Francis Indian @ CEB

Feb. 16, Pine Ridge in CEB (MONSTER GAME)

Feb. 18, MOPO in MOPO

Feb. 22, Milbank at CEB

(likely a makeup game against McLaughlin)

This is a Round-of-16 team who, if they finish well could have a top-8 seed for that play in game to get to state.

And wouldn’t ya know it, cleaning off my desktop and I found the video of Saucedo’s FILTHY take against Winner.