Sacred Hoops State tournament preview show: Premiers Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Central time

At left, Lennox’s Madysen Vlastiun for Class A’s No. 4 Orioles…Center, Eldon Marshall’s White River Tigers are the No. 1 seed in the Class B boys tournament. Far right, Justin Hohn and the No. 1 seeded Tea Area Titans are looking for a title.

Hey all, Sacred Hoops Basketball followers: We will be releasing a State Tournament preview show on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. CST. Sacred Hoops Co-Directors Sam Willard and Allan Bertram will be joined by writer/blogger Rich Winter to break down the tournaments and share news of the outstanding coaches and players that are going to throw down this weekend.

Class B boys - Aberdeen

Class A boys - Sioux Falls

Class A girls - Sioux Falls

and Class AA boys and girls in Rapid City

(Should be a fun podcast as Willard and Winter will likely trade barbs) -

Sacred Hoops has a ton of coaches and players that have and will be participating in the South Dakota State Tournaments.


Class A:

Paul McVey - Lennox, Jeff Larsen - Madison, Casey Means - Pine Ridge

Class B:

Eldon Marshall - White River, Jerome Nesheim - Clark-Willow Lake

Class B Girls:

Tuffy Morrison - White River

Sacred Hoops Athletes participating in state tournaments:

Class A boys:

Madison: Nic Comes, Tyler Tappe

SF Christian: Carson Van Beek

Dell Rapids: Avery Boechler, Logan Ellingson, Jacob Rechtenbaugh

Pine Ridge: Corey Brown

Hot Springs: Alex Bilbruck

STM: Jarek Glenn

AA Boys

Stevens: Dylan Pourier, Mason Steele

Harrisburg: Payton Marquardt

Yankton: Aiden Feser

Roosevelt: Bobby Johnson

OGorman: Cole Bruhn, Jack Kolbeck

Class B boys:

Clark-Willow Lake: Jacob Prouty, Micah Burke, Stone Burke, Tyler O'Neill

Sully Buttes: Nick Wittler, Quinn Jordre

DeSmet: Cody Cavanaugh, Ethan McCune

White River: Dylan Marshall, Colbe Scott, Teron Sazue, Izaiah Sorace, Jadice Morrison

Timber Lake: Tucker Kraft