White River boys: After 14 consecutive years to the State B, The White River Tigers will be ready

At left, White River senior Jadice Morrison will be playing in his 5th-consecutive state tournament (Photo courtesy of Randy and Shelly Bachelor). At right, the No. 1 seeded Tigers take on Viborg-Hurley in the first round of the 2019 South Dakota Class B state tournament.

By Rich Winter

Alright, no lie, I have been trying to track down White River senior Jadice Morrison for an interview for the last few weeks. We’ve missed each other a few times this season for said interview, but, I’m forgetful and Jadice Morrison is a busy young man.

So, several weeks ago when the Region 7B playoff started, the White River Tigers defeated Crazy Horse 92-43 in a 7B quarterfinal. After the game via social-media I asked Mr. Morrison about the White River team’s mentality when they go against a team they know they are going to beat handily…Do they look past people, do they not get as up for a team they know they are going to beat?

“Not at all,” came the firm and steady reply from Jadice Morrison.

In fact, Morrison was just about to sit down and break down the film from the Crazy Horse game, something he does after every game.

“The whole thing we try to do is approach every game in the same manner,” he said. “The process is about getting better every day so I go back and look for little things I could have done better.” (Not an exact quote…paraphrasing).

And so, as the White River Tigers take the floor today at the Barnett Center in Aberdeen, they do so with the experience of having gone to state 14 years in a row…Fourteen years….

For Mr. Morrison, who celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday, and the Tigers, they go into the dance knowing how to prepare, what to eat, how to get to sleep and how to get mentally ready for a loaded field of Class B contenders looking to knock the Tigers from that No. 1 seeded perch.

Visited with Mr. Morrison briefly on Tuesday…interview on AFTER the state tournament…

And so, with a little down time on their hands, the 2018/2019 Tigers knew just the right place to spend part of their Thursday…at the Boys & Girls Club of Aberdeen. (Couple courtesy photos from White River Tiger basketball page)