Track Tuesday: Look out for AD/DC athletes, Johnson and Brouwer

At left, Cliff Johnson from Andes Central/Dakota Christian has the farthest Class B shot-put in the state…At right, ACDC 8th-grader Isabella Brouwer kicks past Gayville Volin 9th grader, Maddy Fairley during the 2018 South Dakota Class B cross country meet.

By Rich Winter

Kind of a cool moment earlier this year when Cliff Johnson, a senior at Andes Central High School and member of the Tripp-Delmont/Armour/Andes Central/Dakota Christian, recently verbally committed to USD.

Kinda cool because Mr. Johnson is a legacy!

A 6-foot-5, 285-pound lineman, Johnson will become the third member of his family to play for the Coyotes — following his father (Cliff Johnson Jr.) and uncle Robert.

This young man had a terrific basketball season this year. Great feet for a big guy, and he’s not too shabby in track. Ranked No. 1 in shot-put, No. 2 in discus.

Class B state qualifiers: (Standard is 45’11”)

1.Johnson, Cliff49'01.00"Andes Central/Dakota Christian

2.Lamb, Jett48'05.00"Sully Buttes

3.Bohlmann, Trey47'08.00"Menno

4.Collins, Shane47'04.75"Bison

5.Tieszen, Jared47'01.00"Canistota

6.Engen, Ethan46'09.00"Viborg-Hurley

Discus Throw - 136'10.00"

1.Collins, Shane161'09.00"Bison

2.Johnson, Cliff137'00.00"Andes Central/Dakota Christian

Cliff Johnson’s father is the head track coach at ACDC

Class B distance races: ACDC 8th-grader in the mix

Some nice season opening times for a pair of top Class B distance aces as Gayville/Volin’s Maddy Fairley and ACDC’s Isabelle Brouwer both cracked standard in the 1600 and 3200 meter events.


1600m Run - 5:35.07

1.Fairley, Maddy 5:25.24 Gayville-Volin

2.Brouwer, Isabella 5:33.64 Andes Central/Dakota Christian

3200m Run - 12:35.22 1.Fairley, Maddy11:44.97

Gayville-Volin2.Brouwer, Isabella11:51.04

Andes Central/Dakota Christian