Throwback Thursday: Will anyone EVER touch, George Amundson's 211'4" Discus Record

The oldest Track & Field Record in South Dakota belongs to George Amundson from Aberdeen Central, who FLUNG the discus 211’4” at a track meet in 1969.

By Rich Winter

One of the hallowed records in South Dakota sports is the high-school boys discus record set by George Amundson (Aberdeen Central) with a 211’4 inch toss in the discus. At the time, 1969, that 211’4” was the farthest a high-school kid from the United States had ever thrown. Due to ‘Uneven Terrain’ the record was never recognized nationally, but here in South Dakota, throwers have been looking at that record and thinking, DAYUM, how did that kid do that?

Well, Amundson was more than just a discus thrower:

Top-Ten Discus throws in South Dakota All-Time:

George Amundson, Aberdeen Central 211'4.0" 1969

Jack Lembke, Sioux Falls Roosevelt 198'3.0" 2014

Daniel Roberts, Mobridge-Pollock 192'5.5"/191'10" 2012/ 2013

Jason Long, Harding County 191'8.0" 1993

Cody Snyder, Andes Central 191'6.0" 2010

Gary Schwartz, Wessington Springs 190'7.0" 1962

Tom Schroeder, Miller 187'9.0" 2005

Billy Hardcastle, Mobridge 187'7.0" 2006

Matt Swenson, Brandon Valley 186'8.0" 1986

Ryan Flanagan, Rapid City Central 186'7.0" 1995

So, Back to Amundson, check out what he did outside of discus:

  • State Record holder in the shot-put

  • Football, All-State in linebacker and quarterback

  • Also excelled in basketball and baseball.

And then, he went to Iowa State:

This is really remarkable:

  • At Iowa State, as a tailback, he set a single-season rushing record of 1,316 yards and led the Cyclones to the Sun Bowl.

  • In 1972 he was an All-American at quarterback.

What - Ok, one year he sets the single season rushing record and the next he’s an All-American at QB…Seriously, who does that…WOW!!!

  • He set ISU records for total offense in a career, touchdowns scored in a game, season and career and TD passes in a season.

  • Also set ISU record in the discus.

  • No. 1 draft pick of the Houston Oilers in 1973.

  • The 6-3, 220-pounder played three seasons (1973-75) in the NFL, two with Houston and one with Philadelphia. In his best season (1974 with Houston), he rushed 59 times for 138 yards and caught 18 passes for 152 yards, and scored five touchdowns. For his NFL career, he rushed 74 times for 194 yards and four touchdowns and caught 25 passes for 212 yards and a TD.

Author’s Note: When I was a kid I used to look at that 211’4” and salivate…what I didn’t know in 1985 was all the ‘Other’ things Amundson was up to…Certainly one of the greatest athletes in South Dakota sports history.