Free-For-All Friday: Catching up with Newcastle's Cade Ostenson

By Rich Winter

Noticed out of the corner of my eye this morning that Sacred Hoops 17-U player, Cade Ostenson was in the area competing at the Custer Invitational. Cade was our first, out-of-South Dakota player (Newcastle Wyoming) to play with Matt Rama’s 17-U squad.

Ostenson’s Newcastle team finished their Wyoming basketball season with a 13-12 record


Ostenson had a great year, leading the team in scoring (18.6)…4.5 rebounds per contest, 2 assists and 2 steals.

So, Mr. Ostenson is also a tremendous track athlete.

Thursday in cruddy conditions: Ostensen did this

100 hurdles: 1st - Ostenson 15.64 2nd - Andrew Law (Wall) 15.69

Triple jump: 5th, 40’1.5”

Long jump: 3rd, 20’2.75:

DDR his 300 hurdles speciality….

Ostensen is a big track guy and he said this to Sacred Hoops during an interview last summer.

For a lot of high-school athletes that talk about becoming better athletes, Ostenson is in the mix, running the 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles and long and triple jumping. While his father is the track coach, young Ostenson is looking for every opportunity to get better. 

"Track makes me a lot more athletic," Ostenson said. "It helps with jumping and everything so when you go inside to finish you can get up a little higher." 

Chad Ostenson - Newcastle Wyoming senior…