Shout out to Midco Sports' Jason Andrea for recognizing West-River

By Rich Winter

Growing up in western South Dakota, Bennett County (Martin), one of my biggest beefs with South Dakota sports media has always been the lack of coverage for kids in the western part of the state. When the South Dakota sports media vote for things, west river is often left wondering why not us? I mean, I get it, folks in East River have a responsibility to cover kids in their area, but, at the end of the day, most media outlets reside in the east and ya just don’t see east-river media outlets go out of their way to cover kids out west.

Can’t say that about Midco Sports’ Jason Andrea!

When Red Cloud traveled to Sioux Falls, Andrea grabbed Alejandro Rama and did a feature package on him, complete with stats, video and a couple of interview clips of the Red Cloud star. Later in the year when Halin Bad Bear had that monster, 52-point outing, Andrea covered the moment. When Rama went for 60 plus, Andrea covered it. When Corey Brown went over 1000 rebounds for his career, Andrea covered it, and threw in a baseline ally-oop dunk, from Brown in his weekly highlights.

So, not entirely shocked this morning to see videos floating around from last week’s All-Star games in which Andrea pulled Rama and Brown aside for some in-game interviews. He even let Ale do some play-by-play for a minute and then he asked Corey Brown about his hair and about how much winning the Spirit of Su meant to Brown and the Pine Ridge community.

Of course Rama and Brown hit it out of the park with their commentary:

Alejandro Rama interview:

Corey Brown interview:

Just wanted to take a minute and thank Andrea for going out of his way to make sure kids from some of the smallest and remote towns and Reservations get noticed…Keep noticing Sir!