Teton Rebels coming to AAU All-Native National Basketball Championships with purpose.

Aquallo Friday from Riverton High School will be joining Peja, Bryan St Clair and Dillion Hereford, and others as part of the 16-U Teton Rebels who will be playing in the AAU, All Native National Championships hosted by Sacred Hoops Basketball.

By Rich Winter

As we turn towards the summer Sacred Hoops Schedule, that All-Native AAU National Championship is just around the corner, June 15th and 16th in Rapid City.

Caught up with Dana Cook for a bit today via social media. His boy, Peja Cook is playing on Jordan Long’s West-River 16-U squad. But, as Cook pointed out the boys out in Wyoming have roped together a strong squad they are planning on bringing to the AAU National Tournament.

Aquallo Friday, a multi-sport athletes worth watching!


From the Dana Cook scouting Dept:

6’3” Riverton High school Arapahoe Native, multiple sport athlete one heck of a Lefthand pitcher for Riverton.

So, I’m guessing not a lot of readers in South Dakota follow high school basketball out in Wyoming….Three guys from the Class 3A state championship team will also be playing with the Tetons.

  • Dillion Hereford 6’2 Lander Valley HS In Wyoming recently ran a 5:04 mile at Lander Invitational track meet Crow Creek and Shoshone native

  • Rowdy Redfox 6’4” out of Black foot HS in ID Cheyenne River Sioux

  • Majority of kids are all Lakota on this team

This team is gearing up for that AAU National Championship, and playing in the Fort Hall tournament in Idaho this week.

Cook over Aquallo during THEE rivalry game when Riverton played Lander.