Miscellaneous Monday: Sacred Hoops Summer kickoff

The hustle of AAU season is back. Cars are packed, hotels are booked, and kids are ready to get after it. No doubt this proves to be a busy time for parents making hundreds of trips between practices, camps, and tournaments. Summer is the prime time to improve your game. And that’s what Sacred Hoops tries is exploit in the best way possible.

Over 20 Sacred Hoops high school teams participated in this weekends OSA MAYB Spring Fling Tournament. And with 100% certainty I can say that every kid from every team worked their butt off. SH teams were the talk of the tournament with our fast paced, well disciplined, hard working style of play. With only 3 practices in preparation for this tournament, we couldn’t be more proud of these kids and their attention to detail and work ethic in those practices.

When you have kids like that, it makes it easy to give them everything you got as a coach. That’s what makes this program special. 

A majority of SH teams had a very successful tournament. 

SH 14U Walker


Walkers 14U squad competed every game, every half, every possession. This team brought a will to win that wouldn’t be burn out. They brought it the whole tournament. This group will no doubt improve throughout the entirety of the summer.

SH 14U Willard


It was a great first weekend of games for the 14u Willard team. They were able to pull out 3 close games and take home first place in the top 14u division. Team defense was a big reason for their success, as they allowed the least number of points in their division for the weekend. Blake Volmer and Ethan Bartels from Winner had an outstanding weekend on both sides of the floor, really showing that they can be elite lockdown defenders. This will be an exciting team moving forward throughout the summer. 

SH 15U Kahler


Sacred Hoops 15U Kahler battled against SH 15U Harming for the championship in this weekends tournament. A very tough battle between both teams ensued that came down to the very end. Kahler’s Noah Price and Ethan Cheeseman from Hanson really stood out from this group. Both player extremely hard, and willed their team to a win.

BBBA 15U Bertram


Bertram’s Barn 15U team played in their championship against a very talent OSA crew. The boys learned a lot about themselves this weekend. This group defended really well throughout the whole tournament. Scotty Wagner from Ellendale, ND and Noah Behrends from Aberdeen Central really stood out this weekend. Both boys competed very hard and are going home better players.

SH 16U Bertram 


Bertram’s SH 16U team matched up with Jordan Longs West River 16U team. In a battle versus east and west, Bertram’s squad played very well as a unit. Their ball movement and cohesiveness couldn’t be outmatched. Aiden Feser from Yankton had a very good tournament. You could really see him relish the role of floor general. He worked his tail off all weekend.

Overall all our kids competed hard. Many of our coaches received numerous comments on just how hard and how disciplined our teams were. 

Not a bad way to start the summer!