Dakota Sports Blast is now Sacred Hoops Sports Blog & website navigation updates

By Rich Winter

Just updating a couple of house-cleaning items on this Wednesday in regards to the Sacred Hoops website….One of the big changes is Dakota Sports Blast (the sports blog) has been renamed to the Sacred Hoops Sports Blogs.

Of note here…Each day is now segmented into a particular theme (There will be some exceptions of course)

Sacred Hoops Sports Blog schedule: https://sacredhoopsbasketball.com/shoops-sports-blog

  1. Miscellaneous Monday (Setting the week schedule and picking up any sports odds-n-ends)

  2. Track Tuesday

  3. What it takes Wednesday (We will hear and see from different athletes on tools they use to succeed)

  4. Throw-back Thursday (A look at some of the basketball legends and records across South Dakota)

  5. Free-for-All Friday -

  6. Sacred Hoops Saturday

  7. Sunday spotlight

Here is just a brief website navigation summary: