What it takes Wednesday: How bad do U want it (on every possession)


Photo sequence by Kernit Grimshaw

By Rich Winter

One of the fun stories coming out of the first summer of Sacred Hoops AAU basketball was that of Todd County junior Kelsie Herman taking a massive shot to the eye during a game in Minneapolis. Seems like Herman had to go to the emergency room for a bit, shook off the injury, came back with one hell of a shiner and continued playing.

For several years now, folks that get to see Herman play knew that she was TUFF. She often guards much bigger players and really knows how to move her feet, stay in front of people and use her back-side to muscle bigger players off the box.

Wanted to take folks back to Todd County’s second game of the state tournament vs. Aberdeen Roncalli

After losing to MCM on Thursday, TC was a little flat in their game against Roncalli. The bucket seemed to have a lid on it for all of the Lady Falcons except Herman. With Roncalli leading by about 8, midway through the second quarter, Herman erupted for a ton of points. By halftime, she had 24 points, and early in the second half, she went over 1000 career points.

But, when that game was close, Herman showed her heart and some incredible toughness in digging the ball away from an Aberdeen Roncalli player. Go back, and look at the pictures above.

  1. A ball comes up loose near mid-court with both players diving for the ball.

  2. Herman rips the ball away from the Roncalli player

  3. While ripping, Herman is looking around for a teammate.

  4. Face down, and while on the floor, Herman somehow flips the ball ahead to a running Raven Counoyer for a layup.

When ur best players, play both sides of the ball…good things happen.

Herman finished that game with a win and 29 points…she also recorded 4 steals.

After averaging 9 ppg as a sophomore, Herman will enter her senior season as one of the top guards in South Dakota.

Kelsie Herman 2018-2019 stats: 19.7 PPG, 3 rpg, 4 apg and 3 steals per contest (Class A 2nd-team All-State)

Sacred Hoops All-Native 17-U roster coached by Amanda Carlow:

Marie Five School: Hardin, MT

Reese Ganje, School: CEB

Kelsie Herman, School: Todd County

Lexus Red Thunder: School: Tiospaye Zina

Markee Shaving, School: CEB

Julianna Takes Horse: School: Hardin, MT

Taysha Big Crow: School: Pine Ridge

Jacobie Knight: School: Red Cloud

Cayliah BradySchool: St. Francis

MaKayla Grim School: