Track Tuesday: Winner freshman (Brozik/Sachtjen) have some serious HOPS!

Winner’s Ellie Brozik has the furthest triple jump in the Class A ranks this season…BY TWO FEET while fellow frosh, Kelsey Sachtjen has the best high-jump in all of Class A.

By Rich Winter

It was incredibly impressive to see Dan Aaker’s Winner Lady Warriors cap off a 24-0 season with a Class A state title. While that team was front-loaded with talent: (Gabriel Kocer, Morgan Hammerbeck and Bella Swedlund) one of the really great things about that 24-0 team were the amount of athletes that contributed off the bench.

While the rest of the state may not know it, these Lady Warriors are on the verge of something special with a ton of uber-athletic young people that will step forward next season.

Ellie Brozik -

Alright, so one of the really eye-catching performances this week came from Winner freshman, Ellie Brozik. The 9th-grader popped a Class A leading triple jump of 36’9.5”. I personally had to do a double-take on that…WHAT…and WOW!

Brozik has been mostly a 100/200 and relay gal for Coach Larry Aaker’s Lady Warriors the last two seasons. Prior to this season, not even sure if Brozik had ever triple jumped….

And so, she crushes the Winner school record, qualifies for state and has the farthest jump in Class A by over two feet.

Triple Jump - 34'01.00"

1.Brozik, Ellie36'09.50"Winner

2.Mouw, Sydney34'09.00"Tea Area

3.Jensen, Bella34'05.50"Belle Fourche

4. Ziebart, Allison34'01.00"Ethan/Parkston

Hadn’t seen the updated long-jump state qualifiers until today and Brozik set the Winner school record and closed in on 17-feet, in her second jumping competition of the year.

Long Jump - 16'02.00"

1.Shcmeichel, Averi16'11.75"West Central

2.Long, Avany16'11.50"Chamberlain

3.Fiedler, Morgan16'09.00"Aberdeen Roncalli

4.Brozik, Ellie16'07.00"Winner

Brozik started for Jamie Keiser’s Winner volleyball team as a freshman, and she played all 24 games for Winner this season, averaging 1.6 points per game.

And then, Winner’s Kelsey Sachtjen jumps 5-foot-2 to lead Class A

One of my personal favorites on the Winner basketball team this season was Winner frosh Kelsey Sachtjen. Came off the bench but just played hard….3 points, 4.8 rebounds and a player that drew charges and just contributed with her hustle and attitude.

And girl can jump:

High Jump - 4'10.00"

1.Sachtjen, Kelsey5'02.00"Winner

1.Unruh, Lexi5'02.00"SF Christian

3.Braning, Aspen5'01.00"Belle Fourche

4.Niles, Jessica5'00.00"Beresford

4.Prouty, McKenna5'00.00"Hamlin

Let’s keep an eye on these young ladies through track season, and going forward….There are some very talented young Winner girls, and these two look like they’ll have a gigantic impact for the next three years…