What are colleges like SDSU looking for in their student athletes

White River junior, Nick Sayler visited South Dakota State University on junior day Friday afternoon!

By Rich Winter

Came across a social media post from White River’s Katie Didier Sayler this morning. She, and her son Nick went to junior-day at South Dakota State Friday, and Katie wrote about the experience…

Asked her if I could share the experience because I think it would benefit a lot of parents and players to hear what happened during a recruiting visit to a Division 1 school here in South Dakota.

From Katie Didier Sayler’s Post:

Some great information came out of Nick college visit. 
We visited with a lot of coaches at the start because we got there early. But there was one that spoke to us for about 15 min awesome guy, down to earth. Corey wasn’t there and I know not much about football. Anyways he knew Corey’s college coach and said he was the reason he got into coaching. Heard someone call him Stiggs, well I text Corey who’s a guy they would call Stiggs he replied the head coach John Stiegelmier. Wow what an awesome individual. 

He spoke about how they pick their kids for the team was very eye opening. 

  • They need to be self motivated: They have lots of great kids to pick from, one that can motivate themselves in the classroom, practice, and on the field is high on their list of expectations. 

  • How a student athletes treats their family tells a lot about them.

    (If they don’t respect their parents, there is a high possibility they will not have respect for the coaches and their teammates. I believe this to be true.)

    This was also a good experience, we spoke to a panel of 5 football players (there were about 20 high schoolers with their parents for yesterday’s visit) anyone could ask them any questions and you could tell in their answers that they felt a since of family and importance to their team as more then just a teammate but an overall individual. 

  • There is no cussing from athletes or coaches and their athletes are expected to sit in the first 3 rows in the classes they are in ( the coaches check in with the professor)

    I was very impressed by all of this and more.

    We were there from 11-4:15. 
    Glad Nick had this opportunity!