What it takes Wednesday: It is easy to see that Ashtyn Bertram (Flandreau) and Dylan Marshall (White River) have been putting in work

Flandreau senior Ashtyn Bertram is pre-qualified for the state meet in the 100 and 200 meter events. White River Freshman Dylan Marshall impressive in jumping events for the Tigers.

By Rich Winter

Alright, so a couple things caught my attention in the track world this week…Thought it was very cool to see a post from the Bertram family saying that Ashtyn Bertram had pre-qualified for the state track meet in the 100 and 200 meters. The other, a little closer to home, as I continue to see White River freshman, Dylan Marshall getting better and better in the sprints and jumps for Joe Sayler’s Tigers.

Ashtyn Bertram:

Take a good look at the picture above of Ashtyn Bertram…It doesn’t take much to notice this young lady has put some time in the weight room. She looks strong, and fit and toned….and now she’s reaping the benefits of that hard work during her senior season.


Not sure if everyone remembers Ashtyn Bertram’s signing day.

She will continue her academic and athletic pursuits at Dakota State University where she will play basketball AND run track.

Bertram’s Class A track rankings

100 meters: 5th - 12.94

200 meters: 4th - 26.55

Of those two times the 200 is pretty impressive….Haven’t had a lot of meets this season but that strength really shows through for Ashtyn…..Bertram runs the 100 meters at Howard Wood…and, three of the Lady Flier relays teams: 800 meter/1600 meter and medley relay teams will be looking to break standards and earn medals. (If someone could get me a Bertram 400 meter split, that would be great).

Dylan Marshall is a hard-working frosh from whom we will see great things…

One of the guys I really enjoyed watching get minutes this season was White River freshman, Dylan Marshall. He didn’t get a ton of minutes, but the minutes he got were meaningful…I personally can’t tell you what his shot looks like as all I recall is defense, hustle, and being ready every time his number was called.

As I’m a big fan of White River speedsters, Caelyn Valandra-Prue and Nick Sayler (both athletes put in so much work) and I keep track of their efforts. While spooling around for their results, I will ALWAYS check the other TIger results.

Ok, so check out Dylan Marshall’s last efforts at the Cecil Johnson meet in Presho:

200 meters: Dylan Marshall 26.2 (Almost feel bad putting that….Marshall is a 25-flat guy and at the meet in Presho, everyone ran slow-ish…

4 x 200 reay: 11th -

Colbe Scott, Trey Knispel, Dylan Marshall, Caden Whipple

This is where it gets interesting:

Long jump: 8th 18’9.25

Triple jump: 7th, 37’2”

19-feet as a freshman is dang impressive.