Flandreau Indian/Sacred hoops coach Jesse Bien = INSTANT ENERGY!!

By Rich Winter

Ran into Sacred Hoops 14-U coach Jesse Bien during a recent practice in Sioux Falls and came away impressed with the constant movement and constant energy coach Jesse Bien is putting into his East River 14-U Sacred Hoops girls squad.

Bien has the summer task of molding Laynce Schmidt, Stevie Wittler, Tyler Simon, Jacy Crow, Ashlynn Bleeker, Katya Rubio, Kennedy Krull, Brooklyn Braderiet, Jenna Vitek, Kadence Halvorson, and Erika Bien into a competitive group that will be able to help their high school teams as early as next season.

But, it is not just the 14-U Sacred Hoops team where Bien is making a difference. The man loves coaching and his influence is permeating through the Flandreau Indian Programs where he is an absolute mainstay.

Coaching positions last season at Flandreau Indian.

  • Head Volleyball Coach

  • Head Basketball Coach

  • Head track coach.

Not a lot of coaches across South Dakota are able to commit to three coaching gigs during the school year, but Bien is intent on making a difference.

In talking to Bien, one of the things he noted was there is a sudden interest at Flandreau Indian about making the commitment to get in the gym to get bigger, faster and stronger.

At the end of the 2018 track season, Flandreau Indian could fit the entirety of their track team in one suburban. At the end of the 2019 track season, Flandreau Indian had 38 kids still out for track.

That’s impressive!

Not sure everyone is aware of the All-Nations Football Conference that starts next fall.

And, not sure anyone is familiar with the Flandreau Indian football team. Stacked in one of the toughest Class A regions, Flandreau Indian has always been pared with Sioux Valley, Madison, Hamlin, Flandreau and Deuel. Flandreau Indian hasn’t had a varsity football team in a number of years. They’ve had a football team, sort-of, and one that only plays JV games across the state.

Bien noted during a recent visit that the kids, his kids are fired up and ready to tackle football this year as part of the new, South Dakota sanctioned, All Nations Football Conference.