The Miller Rustler boys have a pair of 'Horses' to Build around

At left is Miller freshman Spencer Fernholz who plays on the BarnBurner Academy 16-U team coached by Allan Bertram. At right is Trevor Werdel who plays on Dalton Millers Sacred Hoops 14-U squad.

By Rich Winter

Late Saturday in the Sacred Hoops Summer Jam I stopped to take a closer look at Dalton Miller’s 14-U squad who came away with the tourney title. As I was watching the second half of that game, No. 32’s performance absolutely caught the eye

Sitting there, figured out (with help) that his name was Trevor Werdell, a soon-to-be freshman at Miller high-school.

What stood out was how hard the kids was playing!

You know how you see a kid that just has the best motor on the floor, that kid is Trevor Werdell.

Every loose ball he got on. Every rebound he grabbed with authority, often times putting the ball back up before his fellow 14-year olds knew what hit him. Nothing super flashy about Werdell’s game but he’s tall for his age, TUFF as nails and should be an impact player for the Miller Rustlers as early as next season.

Another Miller building block is soon-to-be 8th-grader Alex Schumacher who played with Werdell on that 14-U squad this weekend. Alex is on the far left of the team picture.


Alright, so a year after reaching the So-Dak 16 in 2017/2018, the Miller Rustlers took a step back last season after a ton of graduation losses. Karst Hunter (28/12) was magnificent and earned First-Team all state honors despite playing on an 8-13 squad.

Darin Hunter brought a precocious 8th-grader off the bench last season. This 8th-grader, Spencer Fernholz averaged a shade over 10 ppg last season.

Spencer Fernholz has some serious game…


Alright, so the Miller Rustlers play in Region 6A, and while the rest of the state likely didn’t notice the 8th-grader last season, Region 6A coaches certainly did.

McLaughlin coach, Ray Bordeaux/Taken Alive said he had to go check the program after his Mustangs took on Miller, just to see that the youngster that lit them up was truly an 8th-grader.

In watching Fernholz this weekend, for an 8th-grader this young already has the total package.

Good shooter, with range, whose mid-range game is already superb.

Fernholz has the ability to attack the basket and really has a nice feel around the basket for someone yet to take his first steps in high school.

Coached by Allan Bertram in the Aberdeen Region program, and playing up for his age, Fernholz will be one of the top G/F prospects in South Dakota that comes out of the Class of 2023.