What it takes Wednesday: Bruce Allen having a positive effect on the youth of Flandreau

A Happy Birthday shout-out to Flandreau resident Bruce Allen who is making a difference in the community of Flandreau.

Across South Dakota, in every small town with a school, there always seems to be those ‘people’ that go the extra mile for the Best cause: ‘The Youth of South Dakota.”

Today, in Flandreau, Bruce Allen celebrates a birthday, and we here at Sacred Hoops celebrate all the terrific things Mr. Allen is doing for the youth in Flandreau.

See the picture above and on the right, that is Coach Allen with this year’s 7th-grade boys whom Allen has coached for the last two seasons.

When there were two girls basketball groups in Flandreau that no one else would coach, Allen took the task upon himself.

Coaches Flag Football: Of course…

  • Coaches soccer - Check

From Flandreau resident, Allan Bertram


“Organizes all kinds of opportunities for the track and cross country teams, etc. He has dedicated a ton of his life to helping the youth and not just his kids but all kids,” Bertram said.

We don’t often give those ‘folks’ that give their time and talents to the youth proper thank u’s.

So, Happy Birthday Bruce Allen, thank you for all of the remarkable work you do in Flandreau….It is so very much appreciated!